Advisory Group

The Advisory Group consists of a diverse set of eminent researchers and practitioners in the science, policy, and civil society communities, who are engaged in discussions relevant to climate engineering. The members of the Advisory Group provide recommendations to the Steering Committee and will contribute to the reviewing of session proposals following a process of double-blind peer review (together with the Steering Committee). The Advisory Group is composed of the following members:

Hulme, Mike

Mike Hulme is Professor of Climate and Culture in the Department of Geography at King’s College London, where he is a member of the Environment, Politics and Development group.

Keith, David

David Keith has worked near the interface between climate science, energy technology and public policy for twenty years.

Kriegler, Elmar

Elmar Kriegler is deputy chair of the Research Domain “Sustainable Solutions” at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).

Kruger, Tim

Tim Kruger is James Martin Research Fellow and Programme Manager of the Oxford Geoengineering Programme at the Oxford Martin School.

Leinen, Margaret

Margaret Leinen is the Director of Scripps Oceanographic Institution and Vice Chancellor of the University of California at San Diego.

Long, Jane C.S.

Jane C.S. Long recently retired from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where she was the Principal Associate Director at Large, Fellow in the LLNL Center for Global Strategic Research and the Associate Director for Energy and Environment.

Morton, Oliver

Oliver Morton is a science writer and editor who currently works as the briefings editor for The Economist, but participates in CEC14 in an independent capacity.

Oschlies, Andreas

Andreas Oschlies is a Professor of Marine Biogeochemical Modelling at the University of Kiel and Head of the Biogeochemical Modelling Research Unit at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel. Having studied Theoretical Physics at Heidelberg and Cambridge, he moved into Oceanography fo

Ott, Konrad

Konrad Ott is a Professor of Philosophy at the Christian-Albrecht University in Kiel.

Pan, Jiahua

Pan Jiahua is currently director-general of the Institute for Urban & Environmental Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and professor of economics at CASS Graduate School. He received his PhD at Cambridge University in 1992.