Panel Discussion: "The Past Decade of Climate Engineering Research"

Monday, 18. August 2014 - 14:00 to 17:30
Aurora Borealis 2+3

Panel Description:

Over the past ten years research into climate engineering—particularly Solar Radiation Management techniques and their governance—has grown tremendously. How was this trend sparked and sustained? What has been learned, and how have early assumptions about CE techniques and their appropriateness changed as an increasing number of scientists have contributed to a fast-growing knowledge base? This opening plenary will feature some of the most active and influential researchers in the field over the past decade and aim to enlighten conference attendees about how the growing body of research into CE has come to shape scientific, political, and public conceptions about CE. Panelists will identify and discuss major scientific findings and other milestones of the past decade in order to help tell the story of the ongoing emergence of CE research. At the end of the conference, another plenary panel will discuss the future of CE research. The discussion in this panel will therefore primarily be focused on reflection upon the past rather than speculation about the future of the field.