Draft Statements

The CEC14 has from the start been designed as a platform that allows a diverse group of participants to voice their perspectives on the many complex questions surrounding the topic of climate engineering. It is in this spirit that two draft statements that were produced by individuals attending the conference were forwarded to the conference participants by the conference organizers, to stimulate discussions at the conference. A lively 'town hall'-style discussion of the statements highlighted many differences and disagreements over their aims, drafting process and content, and the conference organizers look forward to continuing to provide space for further discussions in other venues and formats. Neither the conference organizers nor the organizations associated with the conference have taken a collective position on these draft statements, and in no way are the draft statements intended to become a conference output. We hope that the very lively discussions and disagreements around these documents, and this issue in general, will provide valuable input not only to the authors of the respective documents (and possibly any further such documents), but also to the community as a whole about the various perspectives on the issues discussed in these documents.


Text of the Draft Statements:

Draft Berlin Declaration

Disclaimer: The Berlin Declaration was proposed explicitly as a draft for modification and improvement by the individual participants in the conference. In the light of concerns expressed by participants in the conference, the proposers withdrew the text. It does not represent the current position of any party present at the conference, including the original proposers of the text.