Conference Videos

Conference Short Film

Climate Engineering Conference 2014: Critical Global Discussions

Opening Speeches

CEC14 / Opening Speech by Mark Lawrence, Scientific Director, IASS

CEC14 / Opening Speech by Klaus Töpfer, Executive Director, IASS

CEC14 / Opening Speech by State Secretary Georg Schütte, Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Plenary Panels

CEC14 / Opening Panel: Climate Politics at the Crossroads

CEC14 / From Fringe to Fashion? The Past Decade of Climate Engineering Research

CEC14 / Climate Engineering and the Meaning of Nature

CEC14 / The Writer’s Role: Reflections on Communicating Climate Engineering to Public Audiences

CEC14 / Assess, Test or Terminate: What Future for Climate Engineering Research?

CEC14 / Closing Panel: The Anthropocene – An Engineered Age?

Lunchtime Discussions and Special Sessions

CEC14 / Will Climate Engineering Unduly Hinder Emissions Reductions? Discussing the “Moral Hazard”

CEC14 / The Politics of Climate Engineering

CEC14 / A Monument to the Anthopocene: Tomás Saraceno

CEC14 / Town Hall Meeting on Draft Statements