Additional guidance on submitting Session Proposals

The most important thing to keep in mind when preparing a session proposal is that there is no pre-determined structure or format that you need to follow. Coming up with an interesting format for your session is entirely up to you, just as advertising your session and recruiting participants for it will be, once your session is accepted to CEC14. Of course, your session will be listed on the CEC14 website and you will be able to add details to the session description there as things evolve (e.g. confirmed presenters).

There will be many rooms available for carrying out sessions. They differ in size and layout, and can accommodate between 10 and over 100 people. All rooms will be equipped with basic conference equipment (e.g. projector, whiteboard, facilitation material) and additional equipment can likely be made available upon request (e.g. recording equipment). Sessions will run in parallel with a default length of 60 or 90 minutes, but one session can span more than one slot (e.g., one session might occupy a 90 minute slot in the morning and a 60 minute slot in the afternoon) or even more than one day (e.g. a 90 minute slot on Monday and another 90 minute slot on Thursday).

The conference will aim to attract academics, policymakers, and NGO representatives as the general audience. We are expecting a total of ca. 300 conference participants.


Stefan Schäfer (chair of the Steering Committee)