Buck, Holly Jean

Holly Jean Buck is a PhD student in Development Sociology at Cornell University, where she looks at human-environment interactions.  Her research interests include agroecology and climate-smart agriculture, energy landscapes, land use change, new media, and science and technology studies.  With regards to climate engineering, she has written on humanitarian and development approaches to geoengineering, gender considerations, and media representations of geoengineering.  As a geographer and creative writer, she approaches social science analysis with both spatial and narrative lenses: meaning that space and environmental geography matters, but so do storylines, imagery, and performance.  Beyond academia, she has worked as a GPS technician for an international mapping company, a geospatial humanitarian analyst, and a writing teacher. She holds a MSc in Human Ecology from Lund University in Sweden and spends her time in Ithaca, New York and Washington, DC.